Funnily enough, I asked this question once too. Here’s an explanation of what this newsletter used to be.

So what is RABBLEROUSE now?

The more things change, the more we ask the same questions. Now, the scope of my writing has traveled beyond film, so think of this newsletter as an addendum, a corollary to my published work. A collection of bits and bobs, filling in the blanks of what I’m interested in, what I’m thinking about, what I’m currently reading or watching. Assorted writing on writing, or even life itself.

I know that for proper “marketing” and “SEO” purposes, I should really stick to one topic, or even have a clearer answer than the one I gave, but I’ve never been very good at all that. “I have no literary theories, no new movements up my sleeve. I just carry my whole self with me, through life and onto the page. I have no special secrets, I have no aims. Just me.” (January 29, 2021)

The Missing Years: 

In 2021, I moved away from Substack because it was platforming transphobes (and frankly I don’t believe much has changed). I decided to move my newsletter to Letterdrop, but since then, Letterdrop has unfortunately heavily monetized their platform and placed writing a simple post behind a subscription model. So I am back on Substack, with no way to import the 7 posts that live only on Letterdrop, except to link them for you below:

If I may say so myself, my review of “Days” and “Every Unhappy Chinese Family is Unhappy in Exactly the Same Way” is some of my best writing about film to date, so if you decide to read anything from this list, I’d suggest either of those.

What else has changed?

There is still no posting schedule, because my brain cannot be constrained by human measurements of time, so not that.

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