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That's wild that you have to subscribe -and- make a one time purchase. During this year of all years, it feels predatorial.

I can feel your anger in this, this is a really good piece. : ) Though I can't speak for PoC rep, I feel a similar way towards media about trans people that's not coming from actual trans people, but cis film makers fetishizing the experience as they see it to generate $$ for themselves. It's tokenizing and generally horrible in actual tangible ways for the communities that are 'represented' on screen. Like the massive pay disparity with Crazy Rich Asians. That's so exploitive ew

I heard the movie itself makes a lot of this even worse with the way it analyzes power structures.

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I feel the need to point out that, as far as I’ve seen, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (Little Tony, of 2046) has NOT made pro-Beijing comments, and has so far supported HK protestors. Big Tony, or Tony Leung Ka Fai, is the one who’s spoken in favor of Beijing. I had to double check, but I was momentarily heart-broken when I read here that Little Tony had spoken against the protestors, so I wanted to clarify.

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